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Bordeaux wine review #1

Its been a long time coming but here is the first – of what should hopefully become many – wine reviews, here on drinking it all in.

Château de l’Orangerie 2011 Bordeaux

Château de l’Orangerie 2011 Bordeaux

It was a warm Friday evening and I was in Carrefour looking at the red wines. This particular bottle had caught my eye for two reasons:

1. It cost exactly €4

2. I liked that it had product numbers. It gave buying it an air of exclusivity like buying a print of an artwork from a limited run.

€4 bordeaux wine

I was given a third and final reason to purchase when a middle age man who had some quality food products in his basket strolled down the aisle, made straight for this bottle, plucked it softly from the shelf, then walked away coolly, without ever looking back.

I picked up to bottles, went home, turned on the radio and lay down on the sofa. I would never usually drink so slowly and I would never usually listen to the radio without doing something else, but I was content to just listen to FIP and after two and a half hours of incredible jazz and funk I’d only gotten through three-quarters of the bottle.

I tried to distinguish a specific taste in the wine and immediately I thought of pine forests. A camp fire in a pine forest. I’d had a chesty cough for a few days and I imagined the wine pulsing around my lungs, surging to the tips of my alveoli, the forest in my chest catching ablaze and burning away the illness.

I was expecting a guest who kept delaying their arrival but I didn’t mind in the slightest. I felt I could just lay in this warm musical bubble as the night grew darker and all sorts of trouble poured out onto the streets. I was floating away on my jazz powered hot air balloon when finally my guest turned up and the second bottle was opened.

On reflection, I enjoyed drinking this wine alone more than drinking it with somebody. So I’d call this a selfish wine. I fell asleep with half a bottle of wine remaining undrunk, but the next day, when I returned from work, the wine had disappeared. It must have been one of my flatmates. In fact I’m going to ask Olivier about it right now and if he did drink it I’ll see if I can get a quote on how he thought the wine tasted:

“It was just good. It was not bad, you know. I am not a critic. Maybe it was a little sweet but I can’t really remember so I don’t want to say bullshit. Have you tried the bottle I opened yesterday?” he said after staring at me blankly until realising I was not accusing him of theft.

So in conclusion I would give this wine **** out of *****

Taste **** easy on the palate but a little vague

Value **** if you go any cheaper you’d be flirting with danger

Effects **** brings contentment and is slightly trippy but saps social energy

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