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The ‘Exotic’ food section of Carrefour

Back in Sainsburys (that is to say, back in England) I always used to go to the exotic foods section to buy black beans and KA.

In short: I love exotic food sections in supermarkets.

Now that I’m an expat in France there is an exotic food section featuring what I suppose must be all the most sought after items from the UK. Awesome! Notice that there is only one remaining tin of Heinz baked beans and I was the lucky son-of-a-gun who bought it for €1.52… “Suckers!”

english food in french supermarket

Still some €3.43 tins of baked beans avec pork sausages though. Booyakasha.

Zoom in to find your favourite brand. Also big up to all the Ambrosia massive (especially @marky141 and @whatamellowman) keeping your products right on my doorstep, nuff respect.

3 thoughts on “The ‘Exotic’ food section of Carrefour

  1. My dad is constantly on the hunt for these sections in the shops of Eastern Europe. Once, his expat friends found a shop selling cheddar cheese. They spread the word and pretty soon the store sold out. For some reason they never restocked.

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