Bike shops Bordeaux / Magasins de vélo Bordeaux

A year before moving to Bordeaux I was here for a day. My friend was flying in from London and he was bringing a boxed-up bike with him on the plane. I had to buy a bike quickly so that we could ride out to the coast. I wanted to get something cheap (maybe second hand). At the time it was hard to locate the right shops… So now that I live here, and know the place, I thought I would put together a comprehensive list of bicycle shops in Bordeaux.

[UPDATE 14/01/2018 – Having been in Bordeaux for over four years now I’ve managed to open my own bike shop / café. Of course I am biased but I would highly reccomend it! Especially if you are an anglophone. It is called Musette bicycles and coffee and we do repairs, sell Genesis bikes, we also stock a unique selection of accessories and have top quality coffee, tea cakes etc. ]





  • Address: Bordo Velo, 46 Quai Richelieu, 33000 Bordeaux, France
  • Phone: +33 5 56 30 91 45
  • Website:


Cyvea Bordeaux


Cool bike Bordeaux

Pierre qui roule bordeaux


Cycles et Passion Bordeaux

  • Address: 4 Cours Aristide Briand, 33000 Bordeaux, France
  • Phone: +33 5 56 94 15 48
  • Website: No website


This little shop is more a customer facing touchpoint for the Popins brand – I did an interview with the inventor of the Popins umbrella holder for bikes late last year – but as you can see from this photo they also sell a small collection of top of the range Dutch bikes.

Popins boutique  Bordeaux

  • Address: 23 Rue Saint James, 33000, Bordeaux, France
  • Phone: +33 9 52 93 42 25
  • Website:

UPDATE 05/07/2016 Popins has moved but not far, you’ll now find it under the Grosse Cloche, they also have a wider selection of bikes these days

Decathlon Bordeaux

peugeot bike shop bordeaux
  • Address: Scooters Cycles Pasteur, 42 cours Pasteur, 33000 Bordeaux, France
  • Phone: +33 5 56 92 68 20
  • Website: No website


Go Sport Bordeaux


Esprit cyles Bordeaux


Les vrais velos hollandais


Westside cycles Bordeaux



excel'cycle bordeaux


Liberty Cycles shop Bordeaux


atelier du velo talence france


[UPDATE 05/07/2016] New for summer of sixteen Cycles Dautry is a passion project well worth visiting. Reasonably priced vélos d’occasion that is second hand bikes with a vintage leaning.

Cycles Dautry magazin



Cycles Dautry horaires d'ouverture

Most of these shops also offer additional services like bike hire or reparation services. Pierre Qui Roule even has a seperate atelier at 16 rue Castelnau d’Auros, which is popular with all the fixie-kids.

pierre qui roule atelier

However if your bike does need fixing I would suggest going to see Hervé, le dernier vrai réparateur de vélos à Bordeaux.

So that gives you a lot of choice. There is also often the option of picking up a cheap bike from most of the larger supermarkets. Or you could always do what I did, on the day that I was here two years ago, and buy an old blue cruiser for 40 euros from Bordeaux’s riverbank flea-market. It aint going to be the most comfortable or smooth ride but it’ll get you to Biaritz where you can just sell it on to someone like this Australien surfshop owner. Peace.

selling the old blue cruiser

selling bikes on biaritz beach

31 thoughts on “Bike shops Bordeaux / Magasins de vélo Bordeaux

  1. Hi, can you say which of these is most likely to sell a bag/box for bringing a bike home on the plane? Thanks! Kath

    • That is funny, you are the second person to ask me that (check out the comments on my contact page) So it seems Ian had some luck with Espirit Cycles.

      …Sounds to me like airports should consider offering boxing bikes as a service.

  2. Hello Christopher,
    I read your post with interest as I too am arriving in Bordeaux and I need to buy a secondhand bike in order to cycle north for a camping cycling holiday.
    I have about 6hours on a Saturday to buy a secondhand bike (budget approx €100) where would you suggest my best one stop option is? I don’t need a great bike just something functional.
    Thanks for your help

    • When will you be coming? I have a friend who is leaving town soon and he has a few bikes that he wants to sell. I will get some more info soon as I just bumped into him tonight while he was on a break from work.

      • Hi,
        Thanks for your mail but alas it has reached me too late…..I am sitting in a bar with a beer catching up on email with my shinny new bike parked outside.
        Thanks for your help anyway….cheers

          • Hi,
            Well due the lack of time I gave myself to really source a suitable bike and a few frustrating issues like seeing the perfect bike advertised on the street but with a phone number that is never answered I actually just when to Decathlon and brought a suitable machine for about 140euro.
            This wasn’t really what I had in mind as I was hoping to find something more characterful but the ‘Rockrider’ did work well over the 150 km journey with full camping luggage.
            I am now back in Oxford UK and have a perfect pre-owned Rockrider with just about 200KM under it’s wheels if anybody know anyone who needs a bike!


  3. Hi, thanks for posting a comprehensive list of shops where we can buy a bike. I just arrived in Bordeaux last August and am also planning to buy a bike. Do these shops also sell second hand bikes? Or is your friend still selling his bikes? My budget is just around 60 to 80 euros. Thanks a lot.

  4. I am looking for 2 secondhand bikes to buy to cycle from Bordeaux to Sete along the 2 canals, Garronne and du midi, must have bike racks to take panniers, I am 67 years old and intend to do it late August, looking for a comfortable cycle like a hybrid, needs to be in a working condition, will sell at Sete

    • I’ve cycled the part between Toulouse and Beziers. Its a nice cycle but the track becomes a very lumpy dirt path not long after Carcasonne. I’d suggest using the roads for a bit at that point. As far as bikes finding something decent and second hand is kind of tricky, there is but second hand bikes aren’t always that cheap on there. Might be worth just splashing out a bit more and getting something reasonable from Decathlon.

  5. Hi Chris can you help me Coming to bordeaux tomorrow I need to find a secondhand bike with rack to cycle the cameno I just thought you may no some one who is selling one or where there is one for sale me budget is 110

  6. Hi Christopher,
    What a great find… Stumbled over your site trying to work out where to buy or rent a bike in Bordeaux. I am flying in early April, and plan to cycle Bordeaux to Sete over 3-4 weeks. You wouldn’t by any chance know of a 2nd hand touring bike for sale? Otherwise which shop would you recommend to buy a reasonable but cheap bike please. Your help would be much appreciated!
    Great site, thanks!

    • Hi Caroline,

      Glad you like my blog. I actually do up bikes myself so maybe if you give me some idea of a budget I can try to pick something up and get it into good working order by the time you arrive. I’ve ridden part of that trip before (Toulouse to Bezier) and its great for the most part but as you approach Bezier the path turns into a narrow dirt track with lots of roots making it very bumpy and rough riding. Anyway, if you’d like me to look into sorting you out with a bike to have waiting upon your arrival then drop me an e-mail at and we can discuss a bit further what it is exactly you are after.

  7. Hey Christopher some really great information here! I also read some of ur other writings n it cracked me up 🙂 im moving to bordeaux in early may and looking for a second hand vtt to buy arnd 300 euros w no springs at de back but one infront n as light as possible. If u have any hookups pls let me knw n i’ll give u some commission or buy u a beer. Keep writing n riding n let me knw if u can help! Thank you

    • Some of the bike shops do occasionally sell second hand bikes but there isn’t much selection. If I was around I’d see what I could find for sale for you but I’m not in Bordeaux at that time unfortunately. Best bet might be to get something new then try selling it on after you’ve finished with it. Good luck

  8. Hi, Christopher. I am happy to find your site and all the info, and I would like your help, please!

    My family and I are going to stay in a country villa for 10 days this summer. The villa has 2 adults bike, and we need to buy a kids’ bike for my 8 yr old son and a child seat to attach to an adult bike. Can you tell us which shop(s) you would recommend to buy these, please? As we are not taking these home, we want the cheap ones (whether they are new or secondhand). We are staying in Bordeaux in early August for 3 days before going to the villa. Thank you in advance.

    • A second-hand bike shop in Bordeaux doesn’t really exist yet. I’ve heard there is one opening soon but for now I’d say your best bet is probably to go to one of the Decathlon stores, their bikes are reasonably enough priced and you’ll be able to find in one place no problem. The one out at Bordeaux Lac is big and easy enough to get to. What are you planning on doing with the bikes when you leave?

      • Hi, Christopher! Thank you so much for your advice and I am so sorry for my late response! I guess we have to go to the Decathlon in Bordeaux Lac then altho I am a bit reluctant to buy them new. We will see how much they would cost.

        We are staying at our friend’s holiday villa where they spend the summer time every year (they come from England). Their kids are the friends of my sons’ so they say it would be better to have a bike for my 8 yr old so that they can bike together… Regarding your question, we will have to leave the bike and the child seat at my friend’s villa as they are too much for us to travel with. Do you know if there are any shops who would buy them after we use them for several days?

  9. Heyya there!
    I’m moving to Bordeaux for a semester, as an exchange student, in september.
    I have seen that you could help couple of folks to get a used/secondhand bike in budget.
    Is there any chance you could help me to get hooked up with one?
    Thanks in advance!

  10. Hi Christopher

    I’m in need of some help, I’m flying into Bordeaux and then cycle touring up to Nantes and back. I need somewhere to store a rigid bike box near the airport, do you have any ideas.

    Thanks so much

    Mark Edwards

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