The CQP cycle technicien formation
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The CQP cycle technicien formation

More than 17 things you never knew about bicycle mechanics that are said to have changed lives (by #5 I’d turned buddhist)

This man lived in rural france for 2 months, what happened after 2 weeks made me cough so hard shit came up into my mouth.

The education system is broken, here are 2139 ways you can fix it. Continue reading

50  (and counting) French Launguage Films
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50 (and counting) French Launguage Films

Lots and lots of french movies for you to watch. This list is more about quantitiy than quality. As quantity is more important for learning. However I’ve marked my personal recomendations in red. Continue reading

Urging Expedia to ReWriteTheRules of its Pioneer competition [FAIL]

Urging Expedia to ReWriteTheRules of its Pioneer competition [FAIL]

“Permettre à Chris de découvrir la France” Music Track 1: Towl by Poddington Bear Track 2: Sense the Wind by Lee Rosevere Expedia have called for participants that are willing to create their dream job If you win the competition you get paid £105,000 to discover the country that you know best (contradiction in terms?) … Continue reading