Urging Expedia to ReWriteTheRules of its Pioneer competition [FAIL]

“Permettre à Chris de découvrir la France”

Track 1: Towl by Poddington Bear
Track 2: Sense the Wind by Lee Rosevere

expedia pioneer 2014

Expedia have called for participants that are willing to create their dream job pioneer.expedia.co.uk

If you win the competition you get paid £105,000 to discover the country that you know best (contradiction in terms?) while writing blogs and making videos to show the world your journey.

For me, my dream job is not what they are offering as a prize, but it is very close, and easily within Expedia’s parameters: I don’t want to travel around England, I want to travel around France (I left the UK for a reason). So I decided to ask them to #ReWriteTheRules a little.

They have 6 roles available in total: An English speaking person in Englanda French speaking person in Francea German speaker in Germanya Spanish speaker in Spainan Italian speaker in Italy and a Dutch speaker in The Netherlands.

I moved to France last year to learn French and although I have vastly improved, I am not yet fluent. But for me this is the essence of travel. I believe travel is above all a learning experience. So I am asking Expedia to let me discover France.

They could create an additional role for me if necessary. If not why not send an English person to France, an Italian to Germany, a Spaniard to Holland etc? This to me would be a lot more interesting. Plus, the language barrier need never be a problem – £105,000 is a lot of money – if I win I would gladly pay an assistant 40% to act as a translator, teacher and companion. So with my system I’ve just created twice as many new jobs! So thats good news for the European economy.

If you believe like me that travel is about an exchange of ideas then please share my Youtube video or this post.

Anybody interested in the job role of ‘assistant to the fun haver’ can get in touch. But first we need to convince Expedia to #ReWriteTheRules


UPDATE (26/06/14)

I filled in the application form and applied with the above video to both pioneer.expedia.co.uk and pioneer.expedia.fr

Neither of them hosted my video on the site (too radical, too maverick) but I did receive this nice response from the French side.

Pioneer e-mail


So although I wont win the competition: as they won’t even put my video on their websites, let alone consider rewriting the rules, I may one day persuade them to pay me to write for them about France through the eyes of a foreigner.

Never stop believing.

Permettre à Chris de découvrir le France.




When I was writing the script and talking to a friend about my idea and the hashtag #ReWriteTheRules, I joked that it sounded like a slogan for some sort of extreme sports pen. Like you go into a skate-shop and under the glass counter with the  bearings and the fingerboards is this sweet ass pen y’all. Its like eXtreme and in the shape of an X cos normal pens are just sooooo boring and you can get like the X-Pen Classic (for boring stuff like school and that) or the X-Pen Graf-Jam for writing on walls and toilet doors etc.

Here is my prototype, looking pretty knarly already.

X-Pen Classic

…and the official TV advert



Finally this is why it took me so long to get this video made and entered.

2 thoughts on “Urging Expedia to ReWriteTheRules of its Pioneer competition [FAIL]

  1. I was thinking exactly the same when I saw the advert. I don’t want to waste a year of my life re-visiting Chile. As a true traveller, I have already travelled through my home country. But O well! You have all my support!

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